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Greener fly-ash cement market to double to $47 billion in 2018 | Press Releases | Asia | Sustainable Business


Fly-ash-based cement will more than double to a $47 billion market by 2018, driven by the industry’s sustainability goals – use of fly ash is the simplest and most cost-effective option to reduce carbon emissions from cement-making. However, without new innovations, overall emissions from the cement industry could still rise by 31 per cent in five years due to increased global production, according to Lux Research.

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Workers denied protective equipment because coal ash is “safe enough to eat”

While filming in Cheshire, OH, this past May CAC crew members reported feeling ill and one of our interviewees who has asthma began coughing uncontrollably.

The town itself is practically a ghost town; the company has purchased and destroyed most of the property and buildings there.


A lawsuit filed last month on behalf of 77 people claims that the plaintiffs were exposed to dangerous chemicals in coal ash, which led to several illnesses and deaths. The dispute is focused on American Electric Power‘s Gavin Landfill site in North Cheshire, Ohio, which is used for collecting and sipping of 2.6 million cubic yards of coal combustion waste byproducts from the Gavin Power Plant every year.

“Repeatedly, individuals were not provided with protective equipment, such as overalls, gloves or respirators when working in and around coal waste,” the lawsuit says. “These working men and women, already exposed to the contaminants at the job site, then, in turn, carried the coal waste home to their families on their clothes and shoes, thus even exposing family members to the deadly toxins.”

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Stokes Co. leaders concerned over coal ash law


Governor McCrory said this week he would not sign the bill but also did not plan to veto it.

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Newssummary: China s Inner Mongolia to Produce Alumina from Coal Ash - Shanghai Metals Market

There goes China, bypassing us with innovation again by turning a waste product into something useful. It doesn’t have to be this way (points at those with giant, leaky pits of coal ash next to drinking water reservoirs in the U.S.).

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New Use for Coal Ash | UNC-TV: Science


Fly ash is almost immune to fire because of the intense heat of power production. Researchers boosted the fire resistance even more, up to Navy standards, by heating Eco-Core in an oven.

The engineers spent almost a decade working on the Navy project and perfecting the properties of Eco-Core. The resulting material is useful as the interior part of a wall or ship’s hull. But after testing Eco-Core every way imaginable, its creators believe the uses for Eco-Core are almost limitless.
“There’s a big market for this kind of material out there, somewhere,” says Dr. Sadler. “There has got to be, because we have not found anything this material cannot do, and there is plenty of fly ash to make it with.”

But the trouble is, the engineering team can only produce a small amount of Eco-Core in their lab. They’re looking for a manufacturing expert who can figure out how to produce it commercially, on a large scale.

The team admits it won’t solve the coal ash problem, but it will help.

Leaving coal ash in pits in the ground is so 20th century.

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Guest Column: Stopping the dumping of coal ash into Lake Michigan | The Rock River Times


ELPC and our colleagues worked with U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin and others to force the SS Badger car ferry to clean up its operations and stop dumping up to 1 million pounds of toxic coal ash into Lake Michigan each year. ELPC is now watchdogging to make sure that the SS Badger car ferry complies with the federal consent decree deadline to stop dumping coal ash into the lake by 2015.

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Advocates sue Duke Energy over coal ash in N.C.


“We’re taking action to ensure these communities and rivers are protected from Duke Energy’s toxic coal ash pollution,” senior attorney Frank Holleman said in a statement. “(State regulators) and the General Assembly chose not to require cleanup of coal ash in these communities, so citizens groups are stepping up to enforce the law and protect clean water for the people of North Carolina.”

Duke spokeswoman Erin Culbert said the company “continues to be committed to closing its North Carolina ash basins in a way that is fact-based and environmentally sound.”

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NC Officials Reject New Legal Action Against Duke Energy Over Coal Ash Ponds


"The agency has taken a more strident approach to address groundwater and coal ash contamination than any previous administration" and took many of those actions before February this year, when 39,000 tons of ash spilled from a plant along the Dan River in Eden," DENR spokesman Drew Elliott said.

SELC lawyers say state officials wouldn’t have taken those actions if the SELC hadn’t threatened to sue first. They say they plan to file their suit next week.

We understand that since this news story ran late last week that the Southern Environmental Law Center has in fact filed suit.

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