Coal Ash Chronicles

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Sen. Barrasso’s 10-page report, “Red Tape Making Americans Sick,” goes where no EPA wonk has gone before — into scientific studies of the link between regulation, unemployment and worsening public health.

The report cites a network of scientific sources confirming that unemployment from EPA regulations increases the likelihood of hospital visits, illnesses and premature deaths due to joblessness, thus increasing health care costs and raising questions about the claimed health savings of EPA’s regulations.

Then the senator veered off into what must have been unexpected terrain. He asked, “Has EPA ever done a cumulative impact analysis of all other proposed rules on coal-fired power plants?” He listed several rules, “the cumulative of coal ash, of cooling water intake structures, climate change, cross-state air pollution, as well as mercury reduction?”

McCarthy uncharacteristically stumbled: “We actually have done uh, a … a, our, our analysis, our economic analysis of the [indistinct] cost of state air pollution rules. The other rules that you identified have yet to be finalized.”

Barrasso must have realized he hit a nerve. “But EPA has not done a cumulative analysis?”

"We have not, no."

EPA’s regulatory shell-game harms Americans’ jobs, health — Washington Examiner

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