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It’s good news that half of the coal-fired boilers at Lingan will be idled. Residents there and in the Sydney area will have less mercury, toxic metals and dangerous fine particle pollution raining down on them.

In our cranky desire for cheap electricity, we forget that we place a health burden on people living near these plants. Folks in Hillside, Trenton, Lingan and elsewhere enjoy a better chance to experience asthma, heart attacks, cancer and other adverse birth and developmental conditions first-hand because we burn coal to make electricity.

NSPI’s 2010 mercury emissions alone were the same as crushing and spreading 20 million CFL bulbs on these communities. If the occasional burst of fly ash fallout will eat the paint off of neighbourhood cars, what’s it doing to your lungs?

Halifax and Dartmouth residents enjoy a healthier life now that Tufts Cove has been converted to natural gas, so when will Trenton and Point Tupper, plants near the M&NP gas pipeline, be converted as well?

Convert these plants quickly and let them live out their remaining years as better neighbours. The health benefits, lives saved and emission reductions are more than worth the cost.

Op-ed: Idling stacks worth the cost — Jamie Thomson, Halifax; Voice of the People, The Chronicle Herald (Canada)

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